lightworks & collective offerings

Occupied Seminole-Tequesta Land° 
Turtle Island

Miami, FL, 2019

Duverge, Dominican Republic 2019

Red Atlantic           
Miami, FL, 2020

“I’ve walked for so long.
Across an ocean floor littered with my own bones.
I emerged in a different land,
painted a new version of my face.
Washed my body in blood and ascended
to the fine gravel of this bay.”

- Nia Dickens

Performance Ritual 
Captured with the help of Yesenia Rojas & Christopher Harper

Oshun’s Flight          
Miami, FL 2020 

Ochun’s Flight is a zine I made in collaboration with writer Nia Dickens for a partnership program between (F)empower and University of Miami’s Black Feminist course by Marina Magloire. We used archival images of Black women in Florida to create a lineage between Ochun, the first settlers in St. Petersberg, women caretakers of the land, and their imagined descendants. The zine offers rituals to Ochun and photography visualizations of the short fictive stories. Wanted to offer these to my community at printing cost. If you would like to receive it for free please email me Order before Jan 1.