Helen is a Dominican-American artist, cultural organizer and digital strategist from Tequesta-Seminole Land, also known as Miami, FL. She uses photography, graphic design, video and zine-making to tell the stories of poor and dispossessed women in Miami, Latin-America and the Caribbean. In times of social uprising and struggles for justice, she believes the role of the artist is to be grounded in community, telling stories of solidarity and radically imagining life-affirming futures.

In 2017, Helen co-founded (F)empower, a collective of abolitionist feminist artist-activists. Throughout her years leading the collective, she has curated and produced several art shows, steered digital campaigns, led public art interventions, facilitated political education bootcamps, workshops, and panels, co-founded a community garden, a community bail fund, a Black queer diasporic party, and more. For 2 years, Helen worked in Digital Communications for racial and economic justice organization, the Dream Defenders. While there, she used art to amplify political organizing, by using photo, video and graphic design to breathe life to political campaigns, boosting their social media and digital presence. Currently, she is directing and producing her first short film and serves as the Digital Strategist for Voices, an international performance arts campaign grounded in Black womens stories.

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b. 1993, Miami, FL, US    













Professional Experience

August 2020 - Present

Sept 2020 - Dec 2020

2017 - 2020 

March 2020 - August 2020

April 2020 - Dec 2020

2018 - 2020

Selected Press

Bachelor of Arts, Communications, Boston University, Boston, MA

In Search of our Mothers Gardens, Black Feminist Zine Fair, Miami, FL
Sunny Projects, Design District, Miami, FL
In Plain Sight Map, Folkston ICE Detention Center, Georgia
Feminists Beyond Bars, Women’s Month, ICA Miami, FL

Beloved, Space Mountain, Miami, FL

2040, Liberty City, Miami, FL
Infinite Blue, Miami, FL 

Rise, III Points, Miami, FL 

VOICES Listening Tour: Dancing with the Ancestors
Organizing our Communities, Ethel’s Club, New York, NY

Museum of Modern Art, The Role of Artists in Black Liberation Struggles,
New York, NY
Perez Art Museum, Local Views, Miami, FL 
Shaping Communities, Shifting Culture, Roundtable Journal, Miami, FL 

UNTITLED, ART, Contemporary Art & Social Change, Miami, FL 
CIC Miami, Creatives Making an Impact, Miami, FL 

III Points, Art As Survival, Miami, FL 

VOICES, Digital Strategist 

UCLA Ruskin Institute Residency, Abolition on Stolen Land

Creative Director, Founder, (F)empower, Miami, FL

Curatorial Fellowship, Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL

Grassroots Feminist Mentorship Fellowship, The Rising Tide, Miami, FL

Digital Communications Strategy, Dream Defenders, Miami, FL

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