Artist Statement

** Intention Setting **

I am a mixed media artist who uses photography, graphic design, video art, and filmmaking to create ritual portraits of poor and dispossessed women in Miami, the Caribbean and Latin-America. I focus on women's relationship to the natural world, for subsistence and spiritual practice. My art weaves afro-diasporic religion with revolutionary theory, the spiritual and the material, reworking the myths and stories told to awaken solidarity within us. My work is rooted in a community-based practice, I pull from the people I organize with and collaborate with women in my community to tell stories inspired by and for the people.

The artistic process involves relationship-building, deep listening (to those alive and dead), dream-making, and engaging in ritual and meditation to access the spirit realm. I am inspired by the surrealist tradition in the Caribbean, Black feminist theory, and decolonial movements internationally. Ultimately, my intention is to return us to ourselves and each other, repair the break between dream and reality, rendering colonial ideologies obsolete and becoming an offering for revolutionary feminist movements towards human emancipation.

  made with love, in community